Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A special note to our friends

Then Jesus said to his disciples, "If any of you wants to be my
follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me." Matthew 16:24, NLT

That scripture was from yesterday's KLOVE Encouraging Word and it made me reflect on all that God has done for Rimma, Zina and us through our friends. Friends, that if not for Him, we would never have met. Together we all are taking up our crosses and following Jesus.

Lynn C. - Thanks for you continued prayers and showing Heidi and me so many years ago that loving a child not of ourselves was possible, and perhaps what God had planned all along for us. Thank you for the donations, we will take any items, not just "big ticket" things.

Debbie & Garth - We continue to pray for your eventual adoption and for the resources to make it possible. No, R & Z will not be on the UOO 2008 trip. We did not want to cross the line with our affairs and UOO. We have contacted Frontier Horizons about an 9-week possible hosting stay and we should know something this week. It's really all up to the orphanage director.

Mark & Mandy - You usually confess that the kids and our story move you guys to tears, but it is you, your compassion and understanding of their plight that moves us. I'm sure that you guys will have little "M&M's" running around the house one day, but I also know that orphans will tug on your hearts... and sleeves one day, too.

Lilya - God sent you to us. We pray for your family, both here and in Ukraine. Thank you for everything. Can't wait until the wedding!

Karen Springs - Talk about taking up the cross and following Jesus! Your ministry in Ukraine brings light to an otherwise dark place for orphans. Continue the charge and thank you for you help with R & Z and all the orphans of Ukraine. The 2007 & 2008 UOO hosting trips you put together have brought attention to older orphans.

Fran Rahn - FFH has a song entitled, "I want to be like you"! Indeed, you guys are shining examples of what we want our Christian lives to mirror! You and Rick are amazing! The fight in you and your eagerness to do battle for your girls inspires me to keep pressing ahead for R & Z. You are the "little engine that could"!

Angie & Eric C. - It's a kick to be adopting along side of you! Sharing stories and going through the ups & downs together is easier that you are with us. We are heartbroken for you about Vika. We will keep you and her in our prayers.

Kris & Clarke Stoesz - When we asked God, "what is it we should be doing about children", he sent us to you! No kidding, we asked the question, came across an ad in the paper, went to an UOO open house, and our lives changed forever. Heidi came home crying after meeting you and hearing Rhya & Luke's story and she made me cry, too. And I hadn't met you yet.! You are our superstars! My greatest joy is when your kids line up to give me and Heidi hugs...did you know they do that now? Watch the next time we meet.

Kari (& family) - Guys, thanks for opening up your established family to adoption. That's a big decision for all of you to undertake. Thank you, Kari, for being a sounding board and a great friend to Heidi. Jim. I love your sense of humor and I need some help bantering with Eric!

Leslie L. (Kristina' story) - Leslie, we have never met, maybe Heidi e-mailed you once. We enjoy reading your blog. Your story, along with the Stoesz'z, the UOO hosting trip, and the Rahn's, opened our eyes to the adoption of older kids. I just wanted you to know. Also, Heidi says you are the best blog writer she has seen, the likes of which I hope to emulate one day.

Marlen & Oksana - Thank you so much for your eight-hour journey to fulfill a promise we made to two little girls. We can't express adequately in words how much we appreciate what you did for all of us. We look forward to meeting you one day soon. Thank you for your permission to post pictures of yourselves. We want to show everyone our new friends in Ukraine. Friends that picked up the cross that we could only take so far. God bless both of you!

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