Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day Four - Ukraine Trip

Day Four, Tuesday, has us back at the baby house where our friend, Carolyn Kahler, adopted Max. The "sour-then-happy" lady saw us and went to get the director. We were quickly ushered into her office where we presented her with the photo album from Carolyn. She was completely over joyed and cried as she flipped the pages. Heidi and I told her that Carolyn was extremely grateful for Max and that he was doing very well in America. She told us that no one wanted to adopt Max and he was passed by several families because he wasn't cute enough. She said it was God's plan that Carolyn get Max and she said he has blossomed under her care. She said that she always thought that he was beautiful and he has absolutely "flowered" and is gorgeous. She cried some more and then offered us a huge tour of her facility. We saw several baby groups and everyone was eager to show off their babies! The were all so cute! All of the caretakers were shown the photo album. They were all touched. We left a gift of a bible and she was ecstatic as she is an orthodox christian. Needless to say, we were welcomed back anytime.

Afterwards, AGAPE took us on a visit to see a house they bought for transitioning orphans. AGAPE owns several houses like this in an attempt to give "timed-out" orphans a start at life. The house was about 5000 sq/ft. and needs work. AGAPE says this is their biggest need. They need contractor and helpers to come over and assist remolding these homes, especially this one.

When Zina got out of school for the day, she called us. She said, "Mom, Dad where are you?" We asked her if she was done with school and she said yes. We hurried over to see her for a few hours before homework and lights-out. Zina's English is developing well, we can now communicate without much problem. We really only need a translator for some difficult topics and deeper understanding. I spend a lot of time just playing, watching, and holding her. She is definitely daddy's girl. WE love her dearly!

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