Monday, April 14, 2008

Day Three - Ukraine Trip

Day three, Monday, finds us at the Teremok orphanage. We travel with AGAPE and our translator. We are visiting and dropping off photos and presents for the director. Our friends, the Houghton's, adopted their son Adam here last year. We are happy to do this for them and we are warmly received by the director and staff. She tells us to say a hello to the Houghton's and thank you for the photo follow-up. She is excited to se that Adam is doing well and gives us a tour of her facility. The orphanage is nicely kept, but old. The staff does a terrific job of maintaining what they have. We are impressed and say our goodbyes. We are asked to come back when we ever come to Kherson.

We then head over to the baby house from where our friend, Carolyn Kahler, adopted her son Max. But, alas, we are too late, having arrived at 3 pm and we missed the director. We speak to a older lady who is putting on her jacket to leave. She is annoyed that we are asking her questions and rolls her eyes. She huffs and puffs and reluctantly allows us a quick audience. We pop open the photo albulm that Carolyn sent to us and her whole attitude and facial expressions change. All of a sudden we are heros of Kherson for comming by. We spent an hour or so and she is beaming with joy. She thanks us and asks us to come back tomorow to see the director, We say our goodbyes, take the photo album and leave.

AGAPE then takes us to their Monday night Bible study for transitioned orphans. I am asked to speak and give a quick sermon and talk on whatever inspires me. AGAPE also tells me that they are in the middle of taping a new DVD on their work in Ukraine and they ask me to be a part of it...yeah, I'm gonna be a movie star. Heidi and I have an AGAPE DVD from a few years ago and it is professionally done. I am glad to be asked. I do my sermon and all the kids listen very attentively. Hmmnn, perhaps I did miss my calling! My daughter always jokes that I like to get up on my soapbox and preach to her, hee hee! We gain many new friends and a few f the girls, ages 16-19, hang on Heidi's arm and wrestle for her attention. These kids are former orphans that AGAPE helps. They give them a safe place to live and help send them to a school of their choice. Along with regular bible meetings, church rides, and life skills training, AGAPE is making a serious attempt to change un-adopted, family-less kids succeed.

The girls won't let go and we take them all to OSKAR's for dinner. Oksana, a beautiful 18 year old girl, wants to sit by me and ask questions. We all enjoy a Ukrainian dinner, share stories, swap e-mails, addresses, and phone numbers. Please ask us for their information if you would like write or e-mail them. They need guidance and love from Moms they never had.

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