Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dental Visits

Tanya & Luba had the first of two dental visits today. Luba has some very severe dental issues that we felt where too important to ignore. Tanya needed work too, but not nearly the problems Luba will face if not taken care of...starting now. Both girls were very eager to go last week when we had X-rays and examinations done.

Luba's problems made for a very long appointment for her and halfway through we had a crisis. Because of the "deep" nature of her condition, it was a painful process, even with Novocaine. She will have to repeat the process in the next two weeks for the other half of her mouth. I had to get on the phone while she was still in the chair and enlist the help of translators to help calm her down so the dentist could finish. I felt just as bad as she and I hated having to put her through it. We were able to finish up though and Luba forgave me later on that day. We will have a translator in place next time. Her main problem was fear of the unknown and what was happening.

Tanya, on the other hand, had only mild cavities, and she was done quickly. Both girls complained of dental pain tonight. Our ESL teacher, Josh, helped translate our need to return and get all work completed. We explained that we didn't want to hurt them, rather, we want to save their teeth while it is still possible. They agreed and understand. Each girl has had a couple of teeth pulled as this is the answer for dental work for orphans living in Ukraine. We have to save what they have left. We have no insurance on them, but we are happy to give this gift to them and I hope they later understand our sincere act of love.

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