Friday, July 18, 2008


You're probably wondering, "Where is he going with this one?", right about now. I've been reflecting on this blog and how it has shifted around and taken on different messages and forms. It has changed drastically over the last several months, but one thing remains the same...the TITLE! God's Plan: Adoption from Ukraine. He gave me the fortitude to get that one right. His plan has always been the same, it is us that have meandered and bounced along on this wonderful journey. You could say, God has made us undergo a metamorphosis!

We started off this blog with some information about who we are and our plans to adopt from Ukraine. Along the way we hosted kids from Ukraine through our mission organization, Ukraine Orphan Outreach (UOO) and we journaled out week-long experience. We met and fell in love with Rimma and Zina. We showed you the dossier process and kept you up to date with our status. We documented our trip to Ukraine over the course of two weeks and introduced you to our new Ukrainian friends. Tanya & Luba came along and we have been keeping you up to date on our present experiences. In two weeks we will go to the airport to pick up the eight kids coming from Stara Zbrivka that will take part in out UOO 3-week camp. Fun times will surely follow...and will be posted here.

So you see, change is inevitable. I wanted to keep this all about our adoption journey. God laughs when I make plans. I wake up with eager anticipation of what he will show me everyday. It's been a fun ride so far! Blessings to each of you...I hope you like the butterfly.

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