Thursday, August 21, 2008

The last week

Sorry we haven't posted in awhile. The UOO camp ended last Friday and we were recovering. The kids had a blast and they arrived safely at home. Needless to say, we miss them all.

This is the last week that Tanya & Luba will be with us. They leave for Mariupol next Thursday, the 28th. There have been some interesting developments with them over the past few weeks that we will discuss in future posts. Stay tuned for details. We will be sad to see them go home, too. Our nieces Shannon & Jessica and nephew Drew arrived Tuesday to visit us for the summer. Their mom and dad, Sally & Gary, arrive today (Thursday). The house is full again!

Zina called us this week. She borrowed a cell phone from a friend and dropped a call to us. Heidi returned the call to the phone number that came through and it was her! Heidi said that you could "hear tears of joy" from her. She is fine and she will return to the Kherson internat sometime at the end of next week, probably the 28th. It seems schools starts for all of the orphans Monday the 1st of September. We will call her next weekend when she gets back to the internat.

Our facilitator is holding our dossier after talking with the SDA. It is moving so that is good news. We hope to get submitted in early September.We haven't been forgotten after all!

All for now, enjoy the picture of me with Vasya, Vitalik and Zshenia at the airport last Friday. This was to be our last picture together, kudos to our friend Kari. We all three bonded during the camp like no others. I hope to see them all again soon when we next travel to Ukraine.
See the 9-news story about the 2008 UOO camp here


Debbie said...

Thank you for the update! The UOO kids were absolutely precious. I will miss them, too, especially Vasya and Natasha. The photo of you and the boys shows your special relationship with them.

I can hardly believe we'll have to put the girls on a plane to Ukraine next week. That will be REALLY tough! Maybe we can all do lunch afterward to ease the pain a bit.

I'm so glad Heidi got to talk to Zina! I know you miss her and Rimma very much.

We'll be praying for a September dossier submission!

~Deb & Garth

Anonymous said...

Heidi and Felix,
I just had to tell you that I followed the links from the video and their are some comments on the news website that are really harsh. I don't have a blog but I care about Ukraine orphans. I could not believe the comments that were left there. People seem to think that we should only care about american kids and they are wrong. I think that more people, the people whos blogs I read should go and leave comments. I followed the link from UOO to the written story on the News channel website. God bless you guys and I hope the Lord answers your prayers to bring your kids home soon. Sheryl in NC

Heidi and Felix said...


Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Don't let other's words bother you. They don't see that we were all eternally adopted by Him. I laughed at the writer's comments about helping kids here because I am already a "Big" with Big Brothers & Big Sisters, we are undergoing training to be a foster family, and Heidi and I volunteer twice each year as Rec league volleyball coaches to 5-8th grade girls. So you see, those two people probably don't do a thing that they accuse others of not doing. They obviously have lots of time on their hands due to an empty schedule...and perhaps, an empty life.

Yours in Christ,


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