Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Letting go

Thursday, Tanya and Luba will be boarding the plane, back on their way to the life that they have known for the past few years. For 10 weeks the girls have had a great time and have encountered many new experiences. One of my fond memories will be the time I spent teaching Luba how to ride a bicycle. I am glad to have put that permanent smile on her face and I get to see it often. Hopefully, we have made a huge impact on their lives and things will never be the same again for them. Nor will accepting mediocrity or failure be an option for them. I believe that they have a different outlook on life now.

We will not be going to Mariupol to adopt Tanya or Luba. They have a little brother who was adopted in the U.S. and we have learned that this couple has been working to adopt them and reunite the family. They have their dossier in Ukraine and seem to be close to traveling. We even talked to the family's facilitator today and we will be contacting the family soon. Frontier Horizons called today and broke the news to us. We had been trying to find the brother all summer, but we were unable. It wasn't in God's plan.
Don't be disappointed for us, something didn't feel right recently. All along we got lots of "maybes" to our big question, but maybe wasn't good enough for such a decision. I believe God was laying the indecision on all four of our hearts because we couldn't see his big picture for all of us. Combine his plan with the fact that other children we have met just want to be with us so much, and we get it now.
It is the right thing to do to let Tanya and Luba go and let another family bring them all together...It is God's plan. Wow, funny how all things return to our blog title!
Farewell dear Tanya and Luba...may all your dreams be realized. We hope you will never forget us and we will be praying for you every night. Don't forget the man who taught you how to ride a bicycle. He will never forget you, you will always have a place in our hearts. God bless you both.

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