Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rimma!

Today is our little sweetheart's birthday. She turned 12! Last night at 11 pm (8 am her time), I sent her a text message telling her Happy Birthday and that we would be calling her at 8 pm. We called her at the appointed time and she talked more than I have heard her talk in a long time. It was pleasant just to her her Russian language as she spoke to our translator, Lydia. She had lots to say. We sent a box of presents and goodies to the girls a couple of weeks back, but they haven't received it yet. Rimma tried to get us to tell her what was inside. It was quite cute of her.
I used to have a few doubts still about her wanting to be adopted, but that was all for naught as she asked questions about her registration and eventual adoption and life in America. Her only concern was not remembering how to speak Russian once she learns English. We assured her that she should continue to speak her native language and that we have lots of Russian speaking friends that she could converse with to remember her language. Besides, mom and dad have been trying to learn with the Rosetta Stone we have. R & Z would be great teachers!

We talked with Zina, too, of course. She is fine and concerned about her registration as well. People there keep telling her that it is impossible for her to be adopted. She told us that she just ignores them and keeps praying for us. I pray that God allows this miracle to happen, not for Heidi and I, but for these children who so longingly pray to him for our home.

I jokingly told Zina that next time we call, she should find a louder place to talk. It seems that every time we talk to her, there are a million sounds and crashes going on. She laughed at my request, getting the humor that was intended. I told her that it sounded like we were in the middle of a soccer game. She said, "Dad, that is exactly what is going on, Rimma and the boys are playing football in the hallway!" I wonder who was winning!

No word on the SDA appointment for our first adoption trip. Today is the 20th working day. Supposedly, the SDA gets back to you by this deadline, but it is not set in stone. We pray that we hear something this week. I can't wait to do my "Happy Dance"!



Debbie said...

Happy birthday to this precious little one. :-) I'm glad you got to talk with her; what a birthday treat.

Mayme said...

Keep on hoping for the good news!!!

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