Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yesterday was Lilya and Todd's big wedding day! Lilya was absolutely stunning and Todd was beaming all night long. The wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun. During the reception, Lilya and her brother treated us to authentic Crimean Tatar dancing...and even some Ukrainian hip-hop music. Todd and Lilya make a wonderful couple!!

And on to adoption news...there is no news!!! Friday was business day #19 since our dossier was submitted to the SDA in Ukraine. The SDA is supposed to respond (by either rejecting our application or accepting it and providing us an appointment date) within 20 business days. But as we all know, most rules are just guidelines. Not hard and fast rules. The waiting is driving us crazy. I can't stop singing Tom Petty's song in my head, "the waiting is the hardest part." Really I think the hardest part will be bringing two or three Russian speaking children home on an overseas flight. But so far, this round of waiting has been the hardest part!

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Debbie said...

Man! Because I follow your blog through my dashboard, all I saw was your post title before I clicked on your blog...and I thought you had your date! Still praying for you and so excited to see what God does.

Sounds like Lilya and Todd had a fun, memorable wedding!

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