Monday, September 8, 2008

Life in the slow lane

Things have slowed down for Heidi and me here at Internat Longmont. It's a bit surreal! Gone are the sounds of kids running through the house and the sounds of doors slamming. We are enjoying the respite and change of pace as we await word on whether or not our dossier will be accepted by the SDA. For those of you not "in the know" about the process, the SDA has 20 days to accept or reject the dossier. We hired a very smart lady who knows what the SDA likes, so chances are, we will be accepted. Of course, waiting for word from the SDA can be agonizing.

We have talked with Zina twice this month. She is back from summer camp and in school at the internat. She is fine and missed us tremendously. She told us that Rimma is back from the sanatorium. She is doing well and will not have to return. Both girls are reunited and curious about their "documents", which means, their registration. Karen Springs did a good job this summer explaining to Zina that we have no control over her documents, that it is all up to her director now. Please pray for R & Z's hurried registration. Once registered, they still have to wait for a year for international adoption by us.

Our UOO camp was featured in our local paper, The Longmont Times Call, this Sunday. Check out the story at
Make sure you check out their slide show, too: The photos will melt your heart!

Meanwhile, Heidi and I went on a mini-vacation to Ouray, Silverton, and Telluride Colorado this weekend. We left Thursday after work and stayed until Sunday at a little Bed & Breakfast in Ouray, Colorado. The highlight of the trip for me was renting a Jeep and 4-wheeling over Imogene Pass. We took this picture at the summit, just a tad over 13,000 feet.


Debbie said...

Praying over here for your dossier to be accepted and for Zina and Rimma's documents to be registered in short order!

Love the pic of the summit. Next time, let's go together; I would love to do a Jeep ride! :-)

The article in the paper is a good one, but let me tell you, the photos made me tear up. I love those kids, even after spending only one day with them. I pray God will bring Christian families to adopt all of them. May we all be part of His plan for the orphans!

Allison Leet said...

Writing to you as a mom to twins adopted from Russia - am now a national board volunteer with FRUA (Families of Russian and Ukrainian Adoption). We are an international adoptive family organization that supports the whole life experience of Eastern European orphan children and strengthen families created through adoption. Spreading the word about FRUA is my passion - maybe you would list our website on your blog? Thanks,

Heidi and Felix said...


We would be happy to post FRUA's website to our blog. My wife and I regularly visit the website and we like to read the posts.

Everyone, be sure to check them out.


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