Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Yes, we're still waiting. The SDA has had our dossier for 14 business days, but who's counting? They have 20 business days to either accept or reject it. But sometimes they only take 5 days, and sometimes they take 40 days, so there really isn't anything special about the 20 day marker. But we're hoping to hear something soon.

The dossier of a new friend, Aimee, was submitted to the SDA on August 21st, 5 days before our dossier was submitted. On Tuesday they received notice that their SDA appointment date is September 24th. Yes, that is two weeks notice. Yikes!! It sure would be nice to travel before the weather gets too cold.

Tanya and Luba's new parents are in Kiev now, and tomorrow they have their SDA appointment to request permission to adopt the girls. Please pray for Joy and Ken to have a successful, uneventful appointment. You can track their adoption progress via their blog - see the link in the right margin of our blog. It's titled "Rae Family Adoption."


Joy Rae said...

Hi Felix and Heidi! Thanks for the well wishes, we leave for our SDA appt in just a few hours.

I hope your appt is soon! I can't believe they only gave that family 2 weeks notice...I thought our 6 weeks was fast! By the way - It is FREEZING here! I didn't pack for this kinds of weather, but we will manage!! At least it is not snowing, yet!

Kathy and Matt said...

Praying for you as you wait to hear when your appointment will be. I hope it is soon, but whenever it is, God's timing will be perfect.

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