Monday, October 20, 2008

The Barrett's are home!

Our friends, John & Twyla Barrett arrived home last night! Kari & Tatum Volf went with me to the airport. Heidi stayed home due to her illness. The kids, Mari & Misha (Michael), both are adorable! Mari wasn't quite as shy as she was when I saw her arrive for the FH hosting trip. Misha gave me a few "high-fives" as he warmed up to us. We are so happy for J&T! I didn't take a camera, so there are no pictures. The whole family looked great though, just tired from their weekend trip to get home. I won't steal any of their "thunder", so look up their blog listed under our friends listings as, The Barrett's Journey. I'm sure they will need some time to get organized and rested before they start blogging. Both John & Twyla both said the have lots more to blog about, so stay tuned.

John & Twyla, we hope to get to hang out with you more in the future while our Ukrainian Angels grow up. We look forward to many great years as your friends.

Felix & Heidi

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Twyla, John, and Duncan said...

Dear Heidi and Felix,

Thank you for meeting us at the airport and for the great Welcome Home Bags for all three kids! They are still munching on the contents today! Get well soon Heidi as you need to be running on all 12-cylinders when you get there!

We look forward to returning the favor when you are home with your new little ones!

Twyla, John, Duncan, Mari and Misha

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