Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting ready for the Bureaucracy!

New Ad at the Denver Airport

I saw this on the web and did a little editing, just a little humor for those of us freaking out over the whole process of "slow down" then "speed up". It seems like it is feast or famine with the SDA and Ukrainian adoption sometimes feels like you are riding a mad horse through a burning barn. I am silently preparing myself for the silly bureaucracy of the whole thing so that that I don't have a heart attack or burst a blood vessel while there. Sure, we've been there before, but this is our first trip for adoption. I know I'll get stressed out once we jump into the frying pan.

There are many families here in Colorado making the trip to Ukraine this year for adoption. As many of you know, this is a big change from recent times when the SDA was back logged and their appointments were scarce. So far, the Barretts, and the Garretts have been to Ukraine. Following them will be us, The Volfs in December, perhaps the Carmens in November or December, and an Arvada couple we know a few days after our appointment. We are still praying for the Christophersons and the Hoffmans, two more Colorado families still in the process.

The Hoffmans sure could use your help. Please visit their blog, listed on this page to the right. They have made a promise to their little girl to come get her as soon as possible. It would be a blessing to bring one more Ukrainian Angel home to Colorado. If you're considering giving to a worthy cause this holiday season, or for end-of-year tax purposes, this is certainly a great option. After all, giving, IT'S SO EASY A CAVEMAN COULD DO IT!


Debbie said...

Felix and Heidi, bless your hearts for mentioning us and our sweet girl! :-) We sent in our preapplication money today to the home study agency and are hoping and praying to get on a fast track to bringing her home. Thank you to anyone who will pray for us and even give to help an orphan have a forever family. God bless you all in your journeys!

Matt and Aimee Garrett said...

I love your blog. What a great ad with "truth in adverising" to boot! Three full days left(yes, over here at this point, you start counting days in survivable sections). I cannot wait to see everyone and actually engage in a conversation that doesn't include and "...ova", or "...yets" at the end!! Felix-learn that cyrillic alpahbet, buddy!! Matt

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Well, at least you know how it is going in! lol

It's all worth it in the end, though;)

All you Colorado families need to keep in touch. We were blessed to spend some of our time in Ukraine with friends adopting from the same orphanage. We get the kids together as often as we can.

I second the learning the Cyrillic alphabet or at least take a reference with you. It makes a world of difference in what kinds of food you can find to eat in the market and at restaurants.


Kevin & Pam said...

I love your post! It is so true. We are also preparing ourselves as best we can. We have already burst blood vessels just preparing. Now we have decided to ride the coaster with hands in air!! Best wishes.

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