Wednesday, November 12, 2008

3 Angels - Revisited

So, it's 2 am here and I can't sleep! I thought I'd make myself sleepy by writing some more info about the kids. We didn't take the camera or video recorder on our first day, we wanted to make the situation as less stressful on the kids as possible.

Girl, 12, is the leader of the pack and playfully told us that the other two are the "naughty" ones. She has a quiet strength about her. She may be this way all the time or just during the meeting. If she says yes to us, the other two will be sure to follow suit. She is absolutely beautiful and smart too. She definately looks out after the others, as a big sister should. She became excited when we told her that we coach volleyball. She likes volleyball! Heidi has found her VB girl after all! She seems athletic and she is the size you would expect of a 12 year old.

Girl, 11, is darling too. She was the most quiet of the bunch and I heard her voice only once. She's a bit mousy and lets the others do any talking. However, in her defense, she was brought to us from the sanitorium because she felt a little under the weather. The director explained that the sanitorium is very close and is actually a hospital used by everyday citizens, but that the orphans go there free and have preference. If any of her children feel just the least bit sick, they go right away. The middle girl's hair had been cut shorter than her SDA pictures showed, but that's ok. I sat nearest her and occasionally I reached over and patted her on the knee, she smiled a little and responded correctly. When I wasn't looking at her, I could see her staring at me with my peripheral vision. We learned that she is an artist and has competed with her drawings and paintings, having won a recent international competition! (I already feel like a proud Dad, bragging on his kids). Lookout, we have an artist on our hands!

Boy, 9, is a favorite of the orphanage and staff. They say he has a comical side but is very obedient, calm, and smart. He excells academically and enjoys Math, he says. He too is an artist of sorts. He recently performed locally at a dance in Folk dance and some kind of "sport" dance thing. We weren't sure what that meant, but our translator said it was like a hip-hop routine. How is he, quite a cutie! He may perform for us tommorow, we will see. He smiled a lot and did the most talking, asking good questions. Bonus, he likes cats better than dogs, so our two Koshkas can stay.

The director told the kids that they should see us off, and they did. It was a good sign that The oldest girl and the boy stayed at the door while we drove away. (middle girl returned to the sanitorium). The girl waved to us as we left and kept doing so until we were out of sight. All in all, it was a great day!

So that's all for part deaux. Thank you for all of you encouraging comments. It is very important to receive those, so far from home. We are still staying with Karen. We will do so until the kids give us a yes at which point we will try and move closer to them. We promise to let you in on their names and post their pictures once we move through court. We will have the BIG REVEAL that day, so stay close!

P.S. We bought train tickets to travel down to see Rimma and Zina for Zina's birthday on Saturday. We will go on Friday night and come back Saturday night, spending only one day. We will return a couple of weeks later to go to the SB orphanage and deliver all the gifts from to the children of UOO's 2007 & 2008 camps.

~ Felix ~


Debbie said...

Thanks for telling us more about these sweet kids! Sorry you're having trouble sleeping, but I can imagine how excited you must be. It's going to get old reading girl, 12, and girl, 11... ;-) Just kidding. We will continue to follow every step of your journey and will comment as often as possible. Thank God for the Internet and Skype and other things that can connect people across the world!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! John and I are so happy for the two of you and your expanding family. I pray that things keep going your way! Keep us posted. Best Wishes, Rachel

Jim and Kari said...

They sound wonderful! Can't wait to hear the update tomorrow on all of their questions and the big decision. We are praying for you all. It would be nice if you were close to Kiev, we could have dinner together on the 8th ;)

Anonymous said...

Felix & Heidi,
It is good to hear how things are going. We will continue to pray for you. It all sounds so positive and encouraging. We will pray for God's direction for you all.
Richard & Cindy

Matt and Aimee Garrett said...

Yeah God!
The kids seem just perfect. They are very blessed that you are willing to take on three at once, and they will be together. I am sure this will help with the transition. Anya is very lonely for her friends that speak her language. I can't wait to meet them all.

Kathy and Matt said...

Heidi and Felix,
It is thrilling to read your post about the 3 children. They sound wonderful! Isn't it fun to see their personalities shining through, even in the little time you've had with them.

You are in our prayers! Keep posting when you can.

Kevin & Pam said...

Sounds like you are where we were two weeks ago. Our court date is today.

The children sound sweet and we pray that God will allow you to be their family.

There are so many children that we would love to take home; it breaks our hearts to see them without a family. Pray that others will follow your example to give these orphans a family.

God bless,

aimee said...

Sounds like things are going well there. Everything is good here too. I will keep watching for posts.

Anonymous said...

Your pulling on my heart strings, it hurts so good! The wait sounds like it was worth it. God's plan always is. I love the beginning of these new family relationships
First the shyness, eventually, trust and love. It is so much how we come to God. First we come to Him as God and eventually we come to Him as Abba, Father. Enjoy the process. Bless You....Fran

Anonymous said...

Heidi and Felix, the kids sound wonderful! I can't wait to hear more. Rebecca Harris

Anonymous said...

You are pulling on the heart strings and it is painfully good.
What a sight to meet new Ukrainian orphans. It is such an awesome time to witness shyness turn to trust and love. It is so much like our path to God, first we come to Him as God,as we develope trust, it becomes Abba, Father. We are praying for the transition.
Bless you...Fran

Amy said...

I can't wait to see some pictures!

Big hugs and smiles to all!


adopting2fromUkraine said...

I can just 'feel' your excitement!:) How wonderful that the children are already so open and responsive to you.

I will always remember the day we arrived at our daughter's orphanage. We already knew her, but it was still very special and exciting.

BTW - Our little friend, a girl who is 14 and was adopted from our daughter's orphanage, loves playing volley ball. She has been home almost 7 months now and just started school this past September. She tried out and made it onto her school's volleyball team and loves it:)


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