Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Three timid Ukrainian Angels!

We met out kids today and we both teared up as we saw the face of Jesus in them. This is the awesome untalked about aspect of adoption and we experinced a feeling like never before, except when my bio children were born. We ran high on emotion during the whole visit and it was all we drempt of and more!

The day started with a visit to the regional director's office and they gave us permission to visit the orphanage. A social worker accompanied us as we made our way to the outskirts of Kiev. We were ushered into the director's office and interviewed by one the nicest lady I have ever met in Ukraine. She asked us lots of questions and was excited that Heidi was a professional "working mom" (she says doesn't meet many working moms). She occasionally held my hand and talked of her happiness that a couple would adopt three. She gave us a tour of the orphanage while our driver and a staff member went to pick up the kids from school (they go to school nearby, not at the orphanage). Folks, this is the nicest orphanage I think I have ever seen, and I've toured half-a-dozen or so! This lady spends every dime and nickel on the kids and in return, they have a pretty good life there! They even have a small stadium that was built by an Italian organization. Sorry, I digress. You want to hear about the kids! Here we go...

We first met the eldest girl (12) in the hallway and she is adorable! She was polite, a little reserved and of course quiet a bit nervous. A few minutes later, the youngest, a boy (9) was introduced to us. He was tthe same, quiet and shy, but engaging. After this, we were taken back into the directors office and there sat all three including the middle girl (11). We talked with them (well, we talked mostly) and they listened intently, looking us over and checking us out. It was a great experince. They shyly asked a few questions, then Heidi told them that they did not need to make a decision that day. She told them that we would return the next day and that there would be a "competition" . They should write down their questions for us and the child with the most questions would win a prize. They all grinned at each other and I knew that they would try and be the winner. (Actually, they will all get a prize, unknown to them). We ended the meeting with them after an hour and a half. I told them that we would always take care of them, always protect them, and always love them. Their eyes light up and they escorted us out to the car, waving as we drove out of sight. More next time...


Stoesz clan said...

Heidi and Felix,
We are so happy for you all! I remember feeling exactly the same way when we met our three kids for the first time! We are praying for you and are thrilled to hear the wonderful news!
Love you,
Kris, Clarke, Amanda, Alex, Rhya, Luke and Natalie

Stoesz 7 said...

Heidi and Felix,
We are so happy for you all! I remember feeling the exact same way when we met our three kids at the orphanage for the first time! God is shining down on you all and we are very excited to meet the newest members of the Roge family! Sending you hugs from Berthoud!
Love, Kris, Clarke, Amanda, Alex, Rhya, Luke and Natalie

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

It warms my heart to hear that you were able to meet these children, all healthy and sweet. I pray that your next visit goes as wonderfully and you "win" their apprval.

Debbie said...

I am tearing up over here! I can't wait to hear who wins with the most questions. ;-) That's a neat idea.

We praise God for these little ones and are eager to hear more. At least now we know their ages and can get a mental picture of your time together. How precious that God would choose to put you all together!

MamaPoRuski said...

How beautiful! And what a great idea to have a competition for them to ask questions! Can't wait to see what they ask!

Tami said...

What an awesome first meeting!

DoveFamily said...

I know the emotion you're speaking of - we experienced last year (Nov 9) when we first laid eyes on our son.

Praise God for this wonderful day!! Praying that all goes well and that the children will grow more and more excited about their forever family.

Twyla, John, Duncan, Mari, and Misha said...

Heidi and Felix -

OK - send pictures already! They sound adorable!

The Orphanage Director sounds like she really cares for the kids and provides as good of a "home" as she can.

Think of how long these children have prayed for you both to walk through that door and into their lives!

We read of the Orphanage's proximity to Kyiv. Hopefully being in the city will allow for some sanity/western normalcy for you both during the process!

We are so happy for you both that you have finally met your children!

The Barretts

Mayme said...

Heidi & Felix, You have made it through one more step on your journey with joy and happiness working for you. i so look forward to each new post to share in your joy. Hoping for the continued good graces shown to you. Mayme

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