Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boyarka Thus Far

Backtracking to Monday, we packed our bags and moved from Karen’s apartment. Sasha our NASCAR driver and Olga our translator picked us up at 9:00. It took us 75 minutes to get across town to the District office to drop off documents…another step in the process to obtain a court date. From the District office it only took about 20 minutes to get to Boyarka. Yep, the town we are staying in is called Boyarka. Sasha and Olga dropped us off at our new home. Karen arranged for us to stay in a private apartment above a Christian school. The school’s English teacher, Becky, is from Mississippi and she has a huge heart for orphans. Becky explained to us that the school’s founder is a local Ukrainian home builder. He created the Christian school as a tithe. Each year he donates 10% of his business earnings to the construction and operation of the school. Folks, it’s a really nice place, God is taking care of our needs!

After the kids got out of school, Becky drove us to the orphanage. She was excited to meet the director, Galina, so that she has more opportunities to serve and help those in need. Becky could tell right away, too, that this orphanage was not the norm. It is clean, well-kept, and filled with a caring spirit. As we were headed out with Nadia and Kolya, Galina told us not to hurry back. She added, “See you this evening!” Wow! More freedom with the children! So we made a quick plan to pick up Julia, take the children grocery shopping and head back to the apartment.

We asked the kids their opinion of whether they liked the plan, and none of them had a strong opinion. I asked if they would like me to cook them dinner, and if they liked eggs, but again, they didn’t have an opinion. The only thing they were firm on was “we don’t want to go back to the orphanage!” Becky asked Kolya specifically if he wanted to eat dinner at our home, and his answer was, “Whatever Nadia decides is fine for me.” He tends to defer to her on most things.

While the girls and I started grocery shopping, Felix experienced one of Kolya’s “firsts.” Felix and Kolya walked to a bank down the street to change dollars to grivna, and Becky translated for Kolya that that was the first time he had ever been in a bank!

Nadia was very helpful grocery shopping. I gave her my English grocery list, and she looked for each item. She could read the words milk, bread, fruit and sausage on her own! Nadia also helped me select the right brand of each item when I could not read the label myself. She is quite the little mother hen for the children, and she really enjoyed taking care of me, too, at the grocery store. One of our early challenges will be to wrestle the role of Mother from her as she has had to be their leader and Mom for their whole life.

Next stop…home! When we arrived back at the school, the building was empty. The children insisted on lugging the groceries upstairs for us. I cooked our first family dinner and Felix worked with the kids on a short English lesson. Julia kept drifting back into the kitchen, though, to sneak cheese and sausage and to try to help me. Nadia wanted to help, too, but I kept shooing them out of the kitchen. I told them, “Mama cooks!” over and over again. These children have had to fend for themselves for so long, so it is important that they learn to allow someone to take care of them.

We've been blessed to find these wonderful children!


Aunt Suz said...

Heid and Felix,
So great to get update-I have been checking your blog a couple times a day! It is just awesome that the path has been so smooth. We are continuing to pray for more of that and wow these kids are really lucky!
Heid, I am so tickled that you are boot shopping and grocery shopping with your kids! It' so family.
At times we wait and wait On God and he makes it all happen so quickly in its proper time. It is awe inspiring to behold and IMO no one deserves it more.

Aunt Suz said...

So glad to get your update. I have been checking a couple times every day.
Having dinner at home, bootshopping, and birthday celebrations. So FAMILY.
Wow, these kids are so lucky!.
We are thanking God and continue
to pray for you.

Rolan, Eileen, Josh and Ransom said...

It is fabulous that you get to spend time off campus with these kids. Parentification of the oldest child is common among American foster children too. Once you earn their trust, they will be glad not to be the 'mom' anymore. Hey,what did you end up making for dinner?

Tami said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the evening. The orpahange director sounds fabulous! I wish all of them would be so understanding and supportive. We're praying for a smooth process for you. So far, it looks like God agrees. ;>)

Amy said...

It sounds like you have found a wonderful place to stay!
Enjoy cooking dinner, yet again for your new family!


Debbie said...

Hugs blessings all around from our awesome Lord! I'm sure Nadya will ease into her role as daughter rather than little mama to her sister and brother--then she can be a child again and rest securely in your love! How precious this is for you all.

Anonymous said...

Heidi, enjoy those moments when they think mama is weak and care for her. I got that for a while in the U.S. too. When they see how hard you can work, they will step back. I called it the honeymoon. I love see God move on you too. This is an incredible story about the school. How wonderful to hear the "Light" in Ukraine. This will change Ukraine. Fran

adopting2fromUkraine said...

I would have liked a little help at the supermarket!

You are so very right. The oldest will have a hard time giving up her 'mother' role. Maybe having them with you now will help ease her into it.


Mayme said...

Yeah the first Family Dinner!! How fun!! Love Mayme

Twyla, John, Duncan, Mari, and Misha said...

Heidi and Felix -

You are so lucky to get to have the kids over before they are officially yours! We would have even loved to have taken Mari and her roommates out for pizza - no dice!

Heavenly Father is watching over you with your lodging also and with putting Becky in your path!

We understand the struggle with Nadia over "motherhood". Once you can wrestle this responsibility away from her she can have the freedom of experiencing her own childhood! She and Mari sound like two peas from the same pod!

What is the weather like? Has it snowed yet? Yesterday was 75' and today was gorgeous also. We can't believe it is November!

Get your rest and recharge your batteries while you can. The fun really begins when you get them home!

Sending good thoughts to Boyarko,
The Barretts

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