Monday, November 17, 2008

Quick update

Just a quick update on our happenings. We are working on a long term solution for internet. So be patient with our posting. We should have it worked out tommorow. The reason for this is because we have moved to the town where the kids are located, just outside Kiev. It's like Broomfield/Superior is to Denver. We live at a super-clean, very nice third floor apartment with 4 bedrooms over a christian private school that is very near our kids..

We are fine, in fact, blessings continue to flow! Tonight, the director sent the kids home with us and we had family time and dinner together at our apartment before taking them home after a few hours. Did I tell ya the director is great! We have had the kids alone a few times before, but not at home! A mutual friend here has told that the director may be letting come home for weekends soon!

We went to see Rimma and Zina this past weekend. We had some very excited girlies! They ran at top speed to see Mama & Papa! I will blog seperately about this later. We need to leave our gracious host's home so they can go to bed and we can get home too.

I promise not to leave you hanging so long for the next post. We will also post some pictures soon to the photo link over there on the right side. Thanks everone, Dobre Noche (Good night).

~ Felix ~


Debbie said...

Wow, what a blessing to have your kids with you away from the internat. Oh, I get so excited that you have such a neat team of people who want these kids to have a great home.

I'm eager to hear how your visit with Zina and Rimma went. They must have been so thrilled to see you!

Big hugs to you across the miles!
Debbie & Garth

Kathy and Matt said...

It sounds like things are going so well. I'm thrilled you were able to have the children come for dinner.

Hope you can easily resolve the internet issues. That was an ongoing challenge for us while in Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

Are you in Bila Tserkva? If you are, we have missionary friends there. Let us know if you'd like their contact info! Congrats on finding your kids! Blessings, Josh & Marcie (another Ukrainian Angels family)

Amy said...

That is such wonderful news that you are getting to spend one on one time away from the internat...It will make such a huge difference when it comes time to truly come home!
Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

Take care!

Mayme said...

Heidi & Felix,
Thanks for the update. The director should be commended for allowing y'all to get to know each other right from the get go. She sounds like her heart is in the right place. Love, Mayme

Matt and Aimee Garrett said...

That is wonderful, your kids director really seems to care about the kids, this makes all the difference. Is this an Orphanage or Internot? I mean do they go to School in a public school outside the orphange.
We really had the best times with Anya when we were not stuck at the center, and were able to have her with us at the apartment.
You get a better feel of being the parent and get to know more of them personally. I hope these good times continues for you guys.

Twyla, John, Duncan, Mari, and Misha said...

Heidi and Felix,

The kids are beautiful and gifted from the sounds of things! They each sound very special and a great match for you guys. We are so happy for you both.

Allyson mentioned that she met you both at Bible Study last Wednesday in Kyiv. In a city of almost 7 million people, you guys ran into each other - the world is small in so many ways!

Now we will wait for your court date - it sounds as if your Director is wonderful and that hopefully things will progress quickly!

Waiting to hear your court date,
The Barretts

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