Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3 Week Shutdown in Ukraine

H1N1 has hit western Ukraine. Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko ordered a massive and unprecedented disease-control program to go into effect immediately in an attempt to prevent the spread of the disease. Schools nationwide will close for three weeks, and "all mass gatherings will be forbidden," Tymoshenko said. Seventy-one people have died of flu and acute respiratory infections in Ukraine since the start of the epidemic, according to the Prime Minister.

So what does this mean for adoptions? We have not been advised by our facilitator but certainly this will delay our appointment by at least three weeks, if not more. Most government offices will follow suit, it is assumed. We are taking the news in stride, we still have some prep work to be done before R comes home and we were a bit concerned about a sudden appointment date. We may be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas after all.

Our real concern is for those families in Ukraine adopting now, including our friends Bruce Deyoung and Jim & Teresa. We also have Richard & Cindy and Martin & Victoria in our prayers. They have appointments this month and have made plans or bought airline tickets to travel.

~ Felix ~


The Houghtons said...

We still have our appointment right now and we pray that you will still get yours soon. We would love to see you over there at the same time.

Rolan and Eileen said...

As much as I hate to see Rimma wait an insufferably long 2 more months, I was reminded recently that my great Aunt died of Spanish flu when it swept through Ukraine almost 100 years ago. Ukraine is so vulnerable. I hope the govs plan works to help stop the spread. Will be praying too that Rimma and Zinna are spared as well as all our beloved friends who are there.

Debbi and Larry Kelley said...

Hello there from NM. My daughter and her husband are in a holding pattern right now in Ukraine as they wait their 2nd referral appt at the SDA. Janelle and Casey are from No. Colorado and they will let us know when something changes, but for now they are awaiting an appt on the 23rd. Do you know any more info than what they know at this point. I saw that you guys posted a comment on a recent post of theirs...thanks so much for the support! It's all new to them! from Debbi Kelley (an anxious Grma to be! You can write me back at degorzley@yahoo.com if you'd like.

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