Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 14 - Just Me & Jimmy

Browsing my ever dwindling supply of DVD's, I noticed that somehow Jimmy Buffett's "Live in Antigua" DVD got stuffed in the case. Is it a sin to watch Jimmy carousing around a stage in the Caribbean, singing Margaritaville while boarded at the Bible House?

It's snowing buckets outside and I need a little pick me up. Oh well, it's 5 o'clock somewhere!

Wastin' away again in Kherson-ritaville,
Searching for my lost Internet signal,
Some people say that there's a Interpol clearance to blame,
But I know (da-da-daaa-daaa-da), it's the SDA's fault!


Matt said...

Not many things cause my heart to sink-this post and the day before did. While Aimee may be a constant source of entertainment for me, she is no doubt, my world! Time to be counted among the "...mighty men of old...David's men...".

Rolan and Eileen said...

Sing it Bro! Maybe it will be a hit and you could sell a whole CD to us poor Ukrainian travelers. 'Groundhog Day' has its place in that lineup!

The Houghtons said...

You never fail to put a smile on our faces with your humor! Holding you up in our prayers!

Julie said...

You are losing it! I wake every morning anxious to read about your quest in the hopes things have turned in the right direction. You truly inspire!

The McEacherns said...

Just you and Jimmy? Don't forget that other all-powerful, ever-present guy whose name also begins with a J! Praying that He helps you keep some sanity there in the frozen tundra.

Anonymous said...

If you get tired of Jimmy, just pop in Captain Ron. You may need to brush up on some of your quotes swab!

Cathy S.

Jeri said...

I'm sure you are aware of this but don't want to assume anything in case your facilitator is not.

From the Issel's blog..
How did this happen? Well we had been receiving emails from the consulate on a new interpol requirement to be implemented for any NEW dossiers submitted after Feb 1st. Somehow the Ukrainian government instituted this requirement early AND included all prior submitted applications. We have since talked to a few people and with DIMA and have attempted to understand if there is a way around this. He has assurred us that there is not. ....until we made him disucss the situation today with the SDA. Apparently they will be discussing how this is affecting current adopting families and will issue an official statement later today. It is possible, although remotely, that current dossiers may be allowed to continue without this requirement.

Adoption Adventure said...

With you every step of the way and feel every one of your frustrations. I am familiar with the pillow experience when Mark had to leave me to go home. We will be praying for you that this goes as quickly as possible. Rhonda & Mark

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jeri,

Yes we were aware of this supossed meeting, but noone here knows of it and there wasn't any official statement. My facilitators are on top of things, but still can't get us moving forward.


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