Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 16 - Quick Snippet

The Internet is down at the Bible House and has been since Friday afternoon. We had a power outage and there is no one to reset the computer that controls the wireless. Everyone is gone for the weekend and the office is locked, so I walked to the Internet cafe down by Chelantanos...yep, they have Internet today.

I'm OK and visiting with Rimma everyday...still the shy quiet girl who depends too much on Oksana or Tanya to communicate with me. We did have some alone time yesterday for a couple of hours. She trusted me to catch the right Martshuka, so we went to the cafe by Zym (sp?) for those of you who know where I'm talking about. Oksana met up with us later, we shopped for the perfect boots that she and I can agree on. Still no dice! Dinner was at the infamous Beujois (sp?) restaurant. Nice English menu, but very pricey. Higher prices than Zeppelen's!

It snowed heavily on Friday, mostly due to the increased temperature. It must have been in the 20's both Friday and Saturday..Nice! Today feels like high 30's and it must be because of two reasons. First, everything is thawing. Second, I got caught in a huge rainstorm about halfway to the Internet cafe! Go figure!

That's all for now, gotta go pick up my girly at noon for lunch. Oksana will join us so that Rimma will be able to talk with me. I hope to have Internet restoration tomorrow. I'll try and Skype with my family since it will be Sunday night there when it is Monday morning here.

BTW...why is it that spell checker wants to capitalize "Internet"? If I had it regularly, it would deserve such attention. Still no news on the Interpol clearance!


Anonymous said...

Someday soon we'll be able to communicate to our girls in English! I can't wait for that to happen. You seem to be dealing well with the internet, communication, and weather ups and downs. Praying for the interpol resolution.

Anonymous said...

Felix, Still praying for you and hoping you will hear soon. Richard

david.cottrell2 said...

Are you the people Becky DeWett wrote about in her Veronica article? If so could we contact?
David Cottrell

The McEacherns said...

Warmer temps: nice. Slush: yuck.

Natasha said...

Praying for you, bro! How frustrating (just read through your last 5 blogs)! Annoying that they couldn't get all the families that are already there, through.
Praying for strength, wisdom, and lots of patience! Say "hi" to miss Aliona for me (you had a picture of her and Rimma a couple of posts back). I miss her, and Alla the most(same age/class).

Twyla, John, Duncan, Mari, and Misha said...

Hi Felix,

Sorry to hear about the internet, maybe tomorrow things will be better. Did you go the TZoom in Kyiv or is there one in Kherson? We thought the big Tzoom on Kreshatik was called Jacob's because of the huge hanging advertisement over the front door that draped down 3 stories that said Jacob's with a big cup of coffee. I kept telling Sasha we wanted to go back to Jacob's (where we got John's shoes the first day) to go shopping again. Finally they figured it out after I explained where it was! I'm sure they thought I was whack that I wanted to go shopping at the Coffee Company for clothes and a Jenga game for the kiddos!

We visited with Eileen at BCH this afternoon - she broke her leg in two places after slipping on mud in her front yard (that clay will get ya). She had surgery yesterday, was doing PT when we got there, was pain free, drug free, and looking great! I think they are going to send her home tonight... I would stay in an extra day to rest (read as "hide") from my kids! If you could just get the nurses to bring you popsicles!

John says that Facebook notes that your better half is home safe - we haven't called figuring she is probably trying to get caught up from jet lag!

Enjoy your lunches with your girly. She will be sharing you soon enough with the gang!

Twyla, John, and the gang!

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