Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 17 - Back amongst the living!

Felix here, international man of mystery and Interpol's most wanted! With a flick of some hidden switch, I'm back up and running on the Internet at the Bible House again.

Heidi quizzed our facilitator and he found out that the first round of Interpol clearances have come back from the families that got it done last Monday. We got ours in on Tuesday, so we are hoping for some news of it this week. It only takes a few minuted on-line, a fact we keep sharing with the SDA, but who knows if they are listening.

Heidi is back home safe with the kids and they are no doubt happy to have her. I am doing fine here. It's been raining all morning and most of yesterday as well. I'm happy to not be freezing and I actually had to turn the heat off Saturday. Last week we couldn't get the room warm enough. I am able to get out and walk where i want to go now, not for fear of the public transportation mind you. Rather for the exercise and time-killing factor.

Andre the pastor's son will be here to go to lunch with me today. At 4pm I will go see Rimma. I hope to connect with Sasha of AGAPE ministries today so that I can hitch a ride out to the SZ orphanage on Tuesday. I want to deliver gifts and remind the kids that they are thought of and loved, by all of us, you included. If I do go, I'll be sure to blog about it and post some pictures.

I had a few questions on the blog and I want to let you know that I appreciate them all. Thank you for writing.

  • David, yes we are the family that Becky is speaking of and I see that Heidi has already e-mailed you. I'll let her answer you questions, thanks for writing.
  • Suzanne, I hope you are one of the cleared families and can return soon. I see that Heidi is e-mailing you too. Yes, of course you can comment on our post anytime. I didn't post your comment though due to your personal information. Comment again sometime,Thank you!
  • Twyla, your so funny! BTW, we still do the "Twyla Barrett" method of shopping! Open the door to see what the sell, close it if it's not what you need. We too call the department store "Jacobs".
  • Eilleen, when I said break a leg, I didn't mean it literally. Hope you are OK now! Love you!
  • Everyone, for your privacy, I tend not to post comments when personal phone numbers and e-mail addresses are included unless you give permission. Like I tell my daughter Nadia who wants to surf the Internet, "I just want to keep you safe".
  • Natasha, I will tell Alona (is it Alona or Illona?) She's a doll and a sweetheart too! These pictures are for you.


Tuttle Family said...

Hi I'm marc we are currently out here in kiev right now just had our first SDA APPT and got referral. Also submitted interpol application on the 29th Jan. when we read your blog about the other family's interpol info coming back in a week we are feeling sorta encouraged that the turn around time seems to be less then the 30-40 day period that we were told by the SDA. Am I correct in seeing that it was only a week for the interpol turn-around? Would like to hear more about it...

Anonymous said...

Did you say you're a man of mystery meat?? What the he....! Felix Rogge-"Sir Spamalot!"

Heidi and Felix said...


You can call me at 80507775192.


Tuttle Family said...

Is that a land line or cell phone?

The McEacherns said...

Hoping that you hear something quickly, so you can keep moving forward to bring Rimma home!

Heidi and Felix said...

Marc, Ukie cell phone. You can email me privately at I really don't have much to add but I'm always willing to talk.


The Higgins Family said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog - our documents will be submitted to the SDA Feb. 10th and we hope to be there soon. We are adopting 3 girls we met through a hosting program. Thank you for letting us read about your journey! I have one question - how did you get a cell phone? I would really like to get one for our trip, so our kids we leave here could call & talk to us while we're in Ukraine. Thank you!

Heidi and Felix said...


Don't sweat it, getting a cell phone here is probably the easiest thing you will ever do during your adoption. There are literally millions of cell phones for sell at every corner store! My girls in the orphanage have their own cell phone that we use to talk to them. I have a standard Nokia slim phone that cost me $30 USD (245 grivna). You then buy a $3-5 starter pack from either MTC, Life or Kievstar. Personally, I like MTC. You then buy a phone card to load the phone with minutes. If you buy the 30 grivna ($4 USD)card, all MTC users are free. All incoming calls (your kids in the US) are free. When you run out of minutes, simply buy a card from one of the ladies sitting in chairs at nearly every streeet corner. We have a code to use that only charges you one grivna a minute to the US. DO NOT dial direct! All you cash will be sucked up! It's easy really. Email e at for more details. Congrats on your appt!

Debbie said...

We pray that the Interpol clearance will happen very soon so you can continue your process there and bring Rimma home. Lienna was shocked to hear about Interpol and saddened that it seems that there are always more wrenches thrown into the process of giving children families.

So glad that it has warmed up some! Cute pics of you and Alyona (if it's the same name as a friend of ours, it's pronounced al-YO-na).

I'm eager to see if you're able to go to SB. I remember Natasha fondly; all the kids were so cute and seemed to have lots of fun together.

Big hugs to you! And glad Heidi's home safe!

Heidi and Felix said...

BTW...I skype when at all possible. Skype to Skype is free and for a few dollars (pay as you go) you can call any US number for free. The drawback is that you have to have internet access, which here at theBible House can be sketchy at times.

Blessings Stephanie!

Anonymous said...

Hey Felix,
Glad you have thawed out and are among the living again! Love reading your blog & hope the clearance comes soon. We can't wait to meet Rimma this summer... Love ya!

Christine said...

Hope things happen quickly! Will Heidi be able to fly back on a moment's notice?

Natasha said...

Felix - thanks for the pictures! She is a sweetie!!!

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