Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 42 - Passport in hand!

Yep, got the passport! All done here but the crying, which will be prolonged into tommorow. There were no train tickets tonight so we will be leaving Saturday night. Got the first-class cabins too! Ha ha! The curse has been broken and I'll get to ride in Volf family style at last!

Rimma was officially signed out and released today after an act of God! I was freaking out around 2pm today. Me, my facilitator, Roman the orphanage lawyer and "Big Nick" met in the lawyers office to sign the release paperwork. "Big Nick" balked when he discovered that I was asked to sign for Heidi. He refused unless she too was present or I had an original power of attorney. It looked like I would have to call Heidi and tell her to book a flight! A faxed POA wouldn't work for them either.

It was resloved when Roman pulled out the Ukrainian statute and read it to him. It stated that the parent or parents had to be present to take the child out of the orphanage. Roman quckly opened the Word document, erased Heidi's name from the document along with her signature line and we all resigned it. This all took and hour and was the longest hour in my life! We had to make a quick trip to the inspector's office to have it restamped by her, a process Roman had already taken care of on the previous voided document.

So, we will arrive in Kiev Sunday morning, go to church with Karen and stay at her apartment. Monday's embassy visit and medical has already been scheduled for us by our facilitator there. We will fly out on Wednesday barring any more unforeseen obstacles. I may not have internet or I may too busy to blog and if so, I'll ask Heidi to keep you informed. Thank you so much for the prayers, we could feel them!


Jim said...

Even when things go perfect there's always someone there who tries to trip you up. Congratulations on forging through. Thankfully you have Roman - he's a good guy.
Get ready to ride in pure luxury in that first class cabin! The chocolates on the pillow and turn down service are great.

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo!! Wonderful! I'm so relieved for you and Rimma. Feeling really bad for Lizzy... will keep her in our prayers. Have a safe trip home!
Love, Sal

Kevin and Pam said...

Oh Yea!!! I bet you can't wait to get home and sleep in your own bed! How exciting for you and your new family. :)

Mayme said...

Travel swiftly and safely home!! Mayme

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Rimma is excited, scared, sad and everything in between. God speed to you both and remind Lizzie, she's next.

Cathy S.

The McEacherns said...

Praise the Lord and enjoy the first class ride!

MamaPoRuski said...

WOW! Miracles never do cease! Praying for a quiet and peaceful journey home! God bless!)

Matt said...

So...home Thursday evening...maybe!?!? I'll be there, hopefully. There will be NO "full-frontal-hug". What I would do for all the crying is to take a roll of toilet paper, strap it on your belt (loosen belt so it can roll) and just have it ready to roll! I've actually used this technique at home where I simply run the roll from the bathroom to the bed-it works great and allows me to leave and watch "Sports Center". This morning, taking Anya to soccer in Lafayette, we saw a huge orthodox church being built on County Line Rd.-we both just looked at each other and laughed because it looks like a church that would be in Ukraine-very cool. I could see the memories rifling through her mind. She knows she's in a better place, just like all of the ones you have brought home. Nice job, "fatty" :) ...way to make a REAL difference in the world. Five more days until you have to lose the Russian accent and re-learn English.

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