Friday, October 15, 2010

Adoption Changed my Life by Kole Rogé

I got home on December 24, 2008. Adpption changed my life in many ways first: the food in Ukraine was terrible. The American food is awesome [in my opinion]. Second: the schools where trashed also I got easily distracted in school the good thing is American schools are not trashed or small. I have wary good grades because now I’m focused and also educated good. The schools in here are nice clean and BIG now my parents care about my grades and education. My parents care about me. Every Friday we watch a family movie those are the best. My teeth used to be rotten now their better than ever. I’m safe and secure. The best thing is they love me.

Kole (age 12)
Arrived home December 24, 2008


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

It's great that at 12 years old Kole can appreciate these things as wonderful gifts, yet sad at the same time. America is blessed to have such a grateful child living here.
Very well written, Kole!

Heidi and Felix said...

Father's note: As you can tell, I left Kole's story just as he wrote it with no spell checking or grammatical correcting. He has come a long way educationally, emotionally and physically. Kole knew no English and went from that status to a fourth grade reading level in his first six months home. Kole loves to learn new words, often challenging himself with a large difficult vocabulary list.

Kole often didn't eat at the orphanage, he didn't like the food. This combined with his poor diet before being put in the orphanage and his desire to eat nothing but candy, put his teeth in terrible shape. With prpoer nutrition and about a dozen dental and periodontal visits later, Kole has fantastic teeth, but he will need some dental implants once his jaw quits growing. His teeth don't hurt him anymore and he can concentrate in school. He also doesn't get picked on or beaten up anymore, so he is flourishing! Great job Kole!


Christine said...

Kole-- that was awesome! Your English is amazing!

Natasha said...

You guys have done such an amazing job with your kids - I look forward to their stories, they way they view life. What a great idea you had! And their spelling - man, that's awesome! I was just trying to read an e-mail Oksana had sent me while I'm in Texas, and I can only understand half of it...not sure what to do with her spelling.

Sheila and Jeff said...

Thanks for sharing! Your writing is great!! I know your family must be very proud of you!!

Donna said...

Good going Kole! I'm sure your parents are as proud of you as you are grateful to them. Just as you have been blessed with a wonderful family, they have been blessed with a wonderful son! Welcome to our country and all its opportunities!!

Kevin and Pam said...

I didn't realize you guys adopted Kole at the same time we brought Justin home. Very Cool! We have a new blog:

Debora said...

Thank you for sharing, Kole! What a blessing you are to your family, and I'm sure they are a blessing to you. :o)

Jefferson Hunt said...

Hey, Kole. How cool. My son's name is Kole, too. He came to the States from Ochakov along the Black Sea in 2009, and he is doing amazingly well in school, too. Congratulations to you. Here is my big word for you for the day: splendid.

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