Tuesday, October 19, 2010

School by Julia Rogé

In Ukraine school is really bad and the teachers are really mean. Also you need to wear 70's uniforms. You can't talk to any kids when is a free time. Also you cannot go outside after lunch. But in America the school is really nice and the teachers are sweet & cool. You don't have to wear uniforms. You can talk to your friends on free time. Also you can go outside you want. Also the principal are different. In Ukraine principals are mean and always in their offices all the time. American principals are nice and they not in their offices all the time.

Julia (age 13)
Arrived home December 24, 2008


Heidi and Felix said...

I gave all the kids the same instructions, they could write about whatever they wanted to tell people from their personal perpective. It could be about family or not, themselves or something that was on their minds, they could tell of life here vs life in Ukraine, the adoption, the topics were endless.

It seems school is on Julia's mind and that is interesting. All of her teacher are astounded at her progress from a year ago and we are too! Suddenly, school matters to Julia and she has a fierce desire to do her best, often spending hours on nightly homework. Her maturity has improved too.Gone are the days of lying about homework & tests or litterally crying over difficult assignments. Julia's reading level went from an un-recordable level last year to 550+ (you teachers understand that level, right). We were told at teacher conferences last week that a student normally advances by a score of 100, Julia did better by 5.5 times!

We have taken Julia to dozens of therapy sessions over the last two years (social thinking, physical therpy, sensory integration, you name it)and maybe that has helped. But all credit is due to Julia, who has improved her self and taken the reins (horse pic pun intended) of her own self governing and education to seize this wonderful opportunity and what is rightfully hers!

Way to go Julia. we are so proud of you and your accomplishments!


Kevin and Pam said...

I am really enjoying hearing from your children's perspective. They all seem to be doing really well! I am curious about the social thinking therapy. Can you e-mail me about what that is? I am wondering if Justin could benefit from it.

Debora said...

Thank you for sharing, Julia! I'm glad you like school now here in America. You are doing great! And I know your family is very proud of you. :o)

Sheila and Jeff said...

Thanks for sharing! As a teacher, I am glad you think teachers are sweet and cool here in America!!

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