Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Come get me, ALREADY!!

They're coming, they're coming, they're coming...

In three days Heidi, Jordan and I head out for Ukraine! Whoo-hoo! I can't believe the day is actually here. Three years of toil on this side of the Earth and three years of waiting for her family on the other side are almost done. Barring any "unforeseen" circumstance, Lizzie will be forever home soon. I can't wait to change that title under her name over there on the right side! We Skyped with Lizzie directly from the orphanage this past weekend. She kept asking when we were coming...we wouldn't tell her. It's for her own good. But she's more than ready! You could see it in her eyes and the glow of her smile. Ready, set, here we come!

Just like last adoption, the plan is for Heidi to go home right after court to be with our kids. Jordan will be going back with her and getting right back to school. She's got her assignments from her teachers and blessing from the principal, so we are taking her. We are bringing Jordan because I feel it is necessary for her to experience the humble beginnings that her siblings endured, to do some mission work of her own, and to learn some compassion...especially when her sib's behavior drives her nuts! Her teachers and I agreed that it was a better education for her than she would get sitting in a classroom in High School. Besides, she has a 4 point "oh my gosh" GPA in an AP environment! (Rimma, Nadia and Kole are working at pretty much the same level, too. Yep, I'm a bragging Dad, sorry). Our kids will be staying with other Ukie-adoptive parents in our town until Heidi gets back home. I will be staying behind again for the remainder of the adoption, two to four weeks depending. I'm praying for the two weeks! Ukrainian adoptions are hard, though! They are harder than pushing a greased pig up a muddy hill! So I'm preparing for the long-haul.

So here we go again...another winter Ukrainian adoption! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. My next post will be a short blurb right before I pack up the laptop and head for the airport. Talk to you then.

~ Felix ~


Healy Family said...

I'm excited to follow your trip! I will definitely be praying for all of you. I'm glad you've been to Ukraine before - while 2 adoptions are never the same, at least you won't have to battle the first time adjustment to the country! That certainly counts as something. :) Hoping and praying that all goes well AND quickly!

Can you say which region you are going to?

The McEacherns said...

We're so excited for you guys! We'll be praying!

Sheila and Jeff said...

Rejoicing with you!! Can't wait till she is home with her family!!
Sheila and Jeff

Mama said...

Good luck! We take off in 2 1/2 weeks to do the same!

Sergey and Tatyana said...

I am following your blog, just never have time to comment. I am so exited for you guys! Praying for the whole process to go smooth, and quick.
God Bless you!

*personally, dont' like winter in Ukraine

Jefferson Hunt said...

Gesh. Your kids are really smart. My two graduated daughters both graduated with honors - not above A average, though. Best of luck to you and Chip. I look forward to reading about your adventures.

adopting2fromUkraine said...

So happy for you! I know it's been a very long wait and a miracle that you are even going:)

At least you are starting that winter late in January. We started our winter adoption on early December. (2007) Besides, you're from Colorado, aren't you? My husband and I are Gulf Coast Texans. We think 30 is unbearable! LOL

Have a safe trip! Looking forward to following your latest journey;)


mikeandmichelle said...

We'll be praying for everything to go as smoothly and quickly as possible!! Can not wait to follow your journey!!

Adoption Adventure said...

We are very excited for all of you and Lizzie. God is so faithful. May God be with you and things go smoothly. Rhonds

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

I'm so very excited for both you guys and Lizzie! They say great things come to those that wait (like I'd have to tell you guys that!) I can't wait to follow along! Blessings for a safe trip over and back!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi and Felix,

I finally got a few things together, and printed a bunch of pictures for Nikolai and Irina, as well as attached my “little” letter to it. I taped it all together – that way it’ll be easier not to loose it.

I also got some pictures printed for Alla, as well as since her Birthday is coming up, I got her a cute little necklace, and Oksana made her a bracelet – so there are two little wrapped up things for Alla, and those packages say “Alla G” on them, in Russian… I put a letter for her in the box where necklace is (the smaller box). If you could ask Zina or Aliona to give it to Alla, that would be really wonderful… I miss her a lot.

Thank you so much for taking my stuff over there – you guys are wonderful!!!

I am praying that your trip goes well, even though it’ll be cold. Praying that the vote gets postponed once more, and if it doesn’t, they would let kids be adopted, while they’re tweaking their system.

I was surprised last night, when Erik told me he would like to go back to Ukraine, even for a visit. He really liked public transportation, and that we could walk just about anywhere, and he misses Dva Gusia. Crazy guy!

I’m hoping we can go back to adopt again some day, I’m just hoping to adopt Alla and her brother, and/or Aliona and her sister (unless you have your hearts set on those two!). Neither sibling group is available, still. If you find anything out while you’re there, let me know…

Also, I called your house the other night and talked to your little Yulia. Oh, she is so darn adorable!!! She was having a hard time answering one of my questions, so I asked her that question in Russian (not sure what I was thinking! LOL). She answered, and the answer was mixed 50/50 – Russian and English. That’s what I do with my family, especially with someone who doesn’t speak English very well. Ha! She’s my kind of girl!


Linda said...

Will be waiting with anticipation!! Hope eveything goes well. I will follow your trip and will be praying for the quick return to Lizzie's forever home!!!!!
Love to All, Linda Smith

Pam said...

Can't wait to be part of the adventure! Praying for you guys and a speedy return!!! Have a blessed trip.

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