Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time to Fly!

Lizzie adoption at EveryTrail

The big day is here! I must finish packing a few last minute things and this laptop, so it's time to log-out.

Our trip takes us this time from Denver to Chicago O'Hare to Munich to Kiev! I'll post on FB at the airports as time permits, but this blog will recommence on the other side of the Earth when we settle in somewhere in Kiev.

Keep those prayers coming! Bye for now.

~ Felix & Heidi ~


Rachael said...

God bless your trip!

Sheila and Jeff said...

Woo Hoo!! Looks like I will be stalking your blog for the next month or so!!! LOL
Praying for a safe and swift journey!
Sheila and Jeff

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

SO excited for y'all!!! Praying that everything will go smooth and swift. I am sooooo happy Lizzie's turn has finally come! Slava Bogu!

The McEacherns said...

Woo-hoo! We'll be praying and stalking the blog, too!

Karrie Millilo said...

WOW! You all have been busy since the time we met with you, Heidi and the 3 kids at the Ukrainian Consulate in 2008, when we were anxiously awaiting to get home by Christmas. Congrats on adopting Rimma. We'll stand in agreement with you all that all goes well with your adoption of Lizzie and you ALL will be home in less than a month. Dasfidanya! God Bless!

Milena said...

Such excitement that lies ahead of you! I wish you all the best for this journey, as well as a quick and smooth process in-country - and of course a sweet reunion with Lizzie!

Kelly said...

Woohooo Safe travels to UA once again! Thrilled that Lizzie's wait is finally coming to an end.

Natasha said...

Privet! :)
Have a safe flight and kiss/hug all those kids for me.


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