Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 4, Evening Orphanage visit

After we finished business for the day, we were able to keep Lizzie out for dinner. We took her back to the orphanage as agreed. After all, Big Nick loves us because we follow the rules!

When we arrived, we were greeted by all the girls in Lizzie's groupa. What do you do with kids who have no parents, but want them desperately? You treat them to unconditional love for the evening and PLAY WITH THEM! Here, Tohmah and I (Vika's little sister) play thumb war.

Heidi gets some lap time with the girls! From left to right is Tohmah, Heidi, Nastya, her sister Ilona and Lizzie! Nastya and Ilona ask me and Heidi everytime, even on Skype, to find them a family. Problem is, they aren't registered and they have an older brother in the orphanage. He doesn't want adoption but has stated that he will sign off for them. Heidi and I are advocating for a family to fight the same fight we did with R & took two and three years! But they cry for a family. Ilona took my arm again tonight and asked. Breaks our hearts...theirs, too!

Heidi and the girls play I Spy. I don't remember who won, but Nika in the center is a "card-shark"!
I start chillaxin' on an orphanage bed after wrestling with little Nastya, Lizzie comes over and it's complete bliss for both of us. Thank you Lord for bringing this little girl into our lives!

Last week, little Nastya turned 10. Her sister Ilona is 12 or 13. Nastya recently won 1st place at a wrestling competition at the orphanage in her age and weight class. I ask her to demonstrate her moves. Watch her take me down!

Like I tell all my friends who want to come on a mission trip to orphanges anywhere in the world. Your life will be changed and you'll never be the same! Come get sweetly broken for the Lord's Least of These!



Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Wonderful pics! Praying for you guys as you begin your next journey and for all those still awaiting theirs to begin. Hugs from down south!!

Jefferson Hunt said...

Aw man...sigh. We never got to meet or play with kids in our son's orphanage. They wouldn't let us. Every time we went to get our son, it was like stealing him. We usually had to wait outside the orphanage grounds while the translator or facilitator went in to get him. When they weren't around, however, our driver just drove us right in. One time, three children got in the taxi with me. They were awed; it was like the first time they had been in a car. Another time, we met the boy we were referred to before our son. We took his picture, but didn't want to talk with him. We were told he had a mental breakdown when he was told he was to be adopted. So, it's nice to see these things, but sad that we never got to play with any of the other children.

The McEacherns said...

Sweetly broken is a perfect description. You can tell from the pic of you and Lizzie that she is so crazy in love with her Papa. You're doing an awesome job demonstrating the Father's love for her and all the other kiddos there!

Amy said...

Nastya and Ilona sound like such amazing kids!! I wish Ukraine would allow single women to adopt! I will pray that they find their forever family!!

Rich said...

Thanks for posting the pics Felix! It sounds like it's going great and Lizzie will finally embark on a better life. Too bad you can't take the whole lot with you!

I hope your time goes quickly and that you can get her back here sooner.


Milena said...

I just LOVE reading your story and I come back several times a day for updates :-) I'm so immensely happy for Lizzie and for your family - and I so wish for families for those precious children that you leave behind!

Christopher and Monique Green said...

What is the name of this orphanage? What would it take to get these girls registered? Is there any fast track for them or fast track a joke in Ukraine? We are still planning on going blind but you never know were God can lead. Looks like God has blessed your trip! We keep you in our thoughts and prayers...Chris

Debora said...

Guys, it breaks my heart that these girls are there...none of them should be there. Can you advocate for Ilona and Nastya to be registered while you're there? I will add them to my prayers. They are on my heart.

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog off and on for the past year... Your story is inspiring :) My husband and I have four children... our youngest son was adopted from Kharkov, Ukraine almost five years ago. We are praying again about adopting and possibly an older child or sibling group. Could you write back and let me know any more about the sisters that need to be registered and what that process might entail.
Thanks for sharing your story,
Michelle Wells ... Florida

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