Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 4, Her day!

We arrived safely in Kherson this morning at 10:30. My buddies, Andrey and Vanya were waiting at the train station, too. They took our abundant luggage (mostly orphanage donations) straight to the Bible House. Thanks Guys! We immediately went to the inspector's office with Tanya, our Kherson facilitator. The inspector was waiting on us. Heidi once again pulled out the picture book...lot's of smiles, no questions, and a "posh-leet" (let's go) rom her.

The taxi driver took Heidi, Jordan and me over to the orphanage while Tanya and the inspector waited for the taxi to return for them. We waited in the lobby of the orphanage, saw and waved to the director, Big Nick, and met his wife and assistant. She led us down the hall. Meanwhile, a little orphan girl that recognized us from previous trips ran for Lizzie. Soon enough, Lizzie appeared and almost knocked me over when she ran to me. Heidi had the camera ready, but the picture turned out blurry. Here's the next picture as she turned to Heidi.

After a brief meeting with the director in his office, he invited Lizzie back in. He was all smiles, very pleasant and said, "I know this family and I know that they follow the rules and are good for children. They have my blessings for the adoption and may proceed forward. I have no questions for them". He then played the same "are you sure you want to go to America" joke with Lizzie that he did last year with Rimma. He was all happy and joking for most of the meeting. We didn't bring it up, but it wasn't us that he was upset with. Obviously, another American family had stirred him up. Good news for us.

Tanya immediately launched into paper-chase mode. She and the inspector started telling Big Nick and the new, inexperienced orphanage lawyer what to do and what forms she needed. We got all that done, signed and notarized...yep, went to the notary palace again! Tanya is getting documents together to send out on the train tonight to the SDA so that we can push for court. Tanya is amazing, she just GET'S IT DONE! Love my "Team Oleg"!
It's almost 4pm here and we were on our way out to the orphanage after signing forms, visiting officials and getting documents notorized. (We took a quick respite at the Bible House and yes, my friend the spining paint chip is still here). But Tanya just called and said that she has Lizzie with her. Wow, again she's out working her tail off, again! She said that they were heading over to the inspector's office. I can only assume that she wants Lizzie to write her letter of adoption tonight so it goes to the SDA with everything else. Afterwards, she's bringing her to the Bible House..guess we are getting to sneak in a day out with her. Of course, it's official business, you know ;-)
We have the same visitation as before, after 4pm on weekdays and we can take her out on the weekends. Tanya is getting documents together to send out on the train tonight to the SDA. Whoo-hoo, we are a big GO!

I'll try to send you an update after tnight's visit with Lizzie. See ya soon!



Kelly said...

What a beautiful sight to see! Her day has come. finally her wait is over. Many happy tears for your family!

Alan said...

It's a dream come true all around. I know how long you have waited for this day. So great!

Rolan and Eileen said...

Lizzie's look says it all. That girl is ready to go home.
What? No Victoria?
I hope Lizzie milks her time and you all get super snuggle time enough to make up for the last three years!!!

Anonymous said...

What an incredible sight to see Lizzie so happy - her dream finally coming true! It makes me tear up - you guys are awesome!

mikeandmichelle said...

Did not need the actual picture to imagine the joy and thanksgiving of when Lizzie ran into that room. With tears in my eyes, it is hard to even write this comment much less be the one in charge of taking a picture. So happy for your whole family!!

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

That picture, even through the blur, says it all!!!! You can just see how happy she is that you guys are there!!!! Hope you had a wonderful visit. Congrats to you all!!!

The McEacherns said...

Woo-hoo! So exciting! It's so beautiful to see God's plan unfolding in His perfect timing. We're praying that things continue to go smoothly and quickly! (And glad to hear your paint chip friend will be there to keep you company once Heidi takes off for home!)

Rolan said...

It's so good to hear when things go right! We'll be praying for a quick return! Rolan

Nancy Hathaway said...

WOW! So happy for you all, and particularly Lizzie! I remember her sweet face when she first arrived here in Virginia in 2007. She's all grown up now and has waited so long!! To God be the glory!

Matt and Aimee said...

Hi you guys. That is awesome news, glad this is going smoothly for you. Ours not so good. We fly home tomorrow morning and come back for new appointment on Feb 21st 10am. Oksana and Vlad can not be adopted until mid Feb, the stinking registration laws stirkes again.
Good news is we may be headed back into Kiev and pass you in McDonalds on your way out! We are headed there now to eat again.
Love, Prayers and Blessins to you!

Anonymous said...

When I saw the look on Lizzie's face tears welled in my eyes and one word came to mind: Joy! If anyone ever needs a precise definition of the word, skip the dictionary and just look at Lizzie's face. So powerful. John and I continue to hold you in our hearts and prayers and we can't wait for more posts!! God Bless,

Stephanee&Zach said...

My heart is just overflowing with joy reading this. I am sure that yours and Lizzie's must be about to burst. Happy tears thinking about all the time you've waited to bring her home. You perseverance is truly an inspiration and hope to other families in the wait. Those two little girls you mentioned that want a family so badly just tug at my heart. I pray that one day we can go back for more...but that in the meantime, God will bring a family to fight for those two.

Kari said...

Love this photo! We are all celebrating along with you. Now just get home!

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