Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One leaves the nest

We are now eight in the House of Rogé! Jessica fluttered her wings and moved into her own apartment across town. She will be transferring to Colorado State University this winter. Jess has done great for herself, having secured a near-full time job and a car. She's come a long way since nearly two years ago when she asked for help to get her life straightened out and back on course.

Next, Jordan will be moving into a dorm room in the Fall of 2012 once she selects a university. This is her Senior year and she is ecstatic!

So, two will have left the nest the next year. But, are we done adding to our family...?

~ Felix ~


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Naaaaaaaaaaaah! At least, I sure hope not! You are an amazing family! :)

Susan Pirkey said...

My SIL teaches at CSU. I love that little town. Congratulations, Jessica. And I love your cryptic blog post ending. :)

Jeff and Sheila said...

I think Kole needs a brother!

Jefferson Hunt said...

Oh my gosh! You're going to have another! How exciting!

Anyway. I thought I'd try to be the first to congratulate you in case something happens.

Also, I noticed your previous post from June. I am an amateur author. Here is an editor who may be able to give you some direction - http://lindabarnett-johnson.blogspot.com/ just in case you haven't gotten what you wanted yet.

Heidi and Felix said...

JADinP, thanks you for the kind words.

Susan, Cryptic indeed, wink-wink! We like CSU, but Heidi works at CU, so a bit of a rivalry there.

Jeff, or Sheila, or both...He tells me that too, so does Heidi. Besides, i'm all 'girled-out'!

Jefferson...thanks for the congrats, but we're nowhere close. I did see a 12 yr old boy that needs hosting that I felt a spark for...could be gas, though ;-)
Also, still looking for a book company. I'd be willing to share the proceeds with said company if I didn't have to put money up for this.

Thanks all! Felix

Zack & Jenn said...

What a wonderful accomplishment for Jessica - so happy for her and the progress she's made!

And I always love the suspense of possible adoption news :)

Milena said...

What a cliffhanger! Can't wait to read more :-)

Stephanee Potts said...

Hmmm, do I know that 12 year old boy? :)

The McEacherns said...

Ooooo! Exciting times!

Natasha Jones said...

Hey ya - I know two boys/brothers (we hosted one of them last summer), in case you are interested! :)
We've started the process for trip # 2 now, but can't take more than 1 boy for now...
Can't wait to hear if you decide to do it all over again, for sure! :)

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