Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More on the "Big D"

The DOSSIER has been delivered! On what seemed like a tour of the world (Denver-Indianapolis-Paris-Kiev-Ukraine customs-maybe the Zoo) it was signed for and received by our facilitator "O" today. Wow, so much for three day international shipping!

Our facilitator team will be busy translating it into Ukrainian/Russian, if they haven't done so already. (Quick tip: scan all your documents and e-mail them to your facilitator in advance so that they may start the translation process early. Some facilitators will do this, others will not...all part of the hiring process and research we accomplished. "O's" team does!)

Next stop: SDA submission! We should know something in a week or two. Meanwhile, enjoy the guest bloggers!

~ Felix ~


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

WOOHOO!!! Our dossier also went to the moon and back before getting to Kiev.
Very excited for y'all!

The McEacherns said...

Woo-hoo! That much closer!

Debora said...

"O" and his team are awesome. So glad to hear your "Big D" has arrived and will be darkening the doorway of the SDA soon! :o)

Kristi S said...

Great seeing you all again last Saturday night. Your family is an inspiration to me. We wish you all the BEST as God brings your precious Lizzie home. :)

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