Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Moratorium Vote!

I heard through the grapevine today that Ukraine's parliament finally voted on putting a moratorium on international adoptions, and the vote passed.

From a friend in Ukraine:

Yesterday Ukrainian Parliament voted for the bill which, once it comes in force, will stop adoptions in Ukraine. That was the first reading of the bill that our deputies voted for yesterday. According to the Ukrainian legislation there will need to be the second and then the third reading, after that the bill needs to be signed by the president and only then it will come in force. All this might take half a year, but might take less time, depends on the schedule of the Parliament.

If this bill goes through all four stages it will still not close the adoptions completely, but only families from countries with which Ukraine has signed a declaration on mutual cooperation concerning adoptions will be able to adopt in our country.

So, we all need to pray that the corresponding authorities of USA and Ukraine sign such declaration before this bill, which registration number is 4313, comes in force, and children who are waiting for their parents to come and take them home don't loose their maybe last chance to have a loving family and happy future.God bless everybody!


Hevel said...

Ah, here we all knew this was coming. I know how many times I was asked to pray that Ukraine was not going to do it, but never to pray that the USA will start preparing the agreement... It didn't go all that fast with the agreement with Israel, but I do hope that it will go fast enough with the USA! (I also pray your daughter will be home before this can affect your adoption!)

Janis B said...

I am praying HARD that you get her home before this goes into effect. How heartbreaking!

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